I am looking for a LIA – Internship

2022-01-17 - 2022-04-15

The best way to learn is to be involved. That is why I am looking forward to starting a LIA – Internship. It is a great way to apply educational knowledge to the real-world. I am looking forward to contributing with a fresh perspective along with my curiosity.

Are you interested in taking me on as an intern for the period of January and April 2022? Get in touch! 

Digital Analytics education by Medieinstitutet

Measure, analyze and optimize the digital landscape
  • Measure behavior – be able to collect data. 
  • Analyze the data – extract important metrics, KPIs, measurement plan, goals, attribution, etc.
  • Report the insights – provide data and insights to everyone at the company / organization – visualization.
  • Test the experience and behavior – conversion optimization to be able to perform A / B tests, multivariate tests, etc.
  • Optimize the digital experience – draw conclusions from the conversion optimization to build a more friction-free user experience in the long term.

Three main focus areas

  • Digital analysis – the education delves into tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Data Studio, BigQuery, Klipfolio, etc.
  • Web technology – the technical expertise on how the various channels and data collection work is necessary to be able to perform the relevant tracking required. The training therefore focuses on areas such as HTML, JavaScript and SQL.
  • Data-driven organization – understanding of how the company and organization must be built to be able to make the right decision at the right time for the right person. The education deepens in i.a. digital business acumen, statistics and measurement methodology, reporting and visualization, conversion optimization, etc.