This is Me...

Ann-Sofie Nilsson

About Ann-Sofie

My name is Ann-Sofie, a soon to be Digital Analyst, currently studying at Medieinstitutet – offering the best education in Digital Analytics in Sweden. You will find me in Skåne County, also close to Copenhagen.

I am a versatile analyst with a passion for data and visualization, and its ability to impact and provide important insights. I have experience in presenting data and understand the importance of visualization and communication. As a team player I like to contribute by sharing and exchanging insights. With a background in Revenue Management, I have knowledge of revenue optimization, pricing, forecasting and budgeting. I am also familiar with the importance of price, brand and marketing, and more importantly I understand how they are interconnected.

As a person, I am curious and eager to learn new things. With a forward-thinking mindset, I easily get inspired. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge, as this is what I believe builds a strong team. Constant development is important to me – there is always room for improvement. Working with follow-up and analysing results is essential for development.

If you are looking for someone (me) to join your digital journey, I would happily contribute with my knowledge and experience. 


To learn from the best to become a great Digital Analyst


To work at a company with a warrior spirit that wows their customers.


To be passionate
To dare to be different
To be adventurous & open minded

Why Digtal Analytics?

It is about understanding customers, to make data-driven decisions to optimize results.

Everything is trackable online. Properties, social media accounts and other digital marketing can all be linked and tracked.  The data we have access to is astounding.    It would almost be a crime not to use it. Whitout analysing the data we won’t reap the optimal results. Measuring how market initiatives performs helps us to make the right decisions. Knowledge about which content performs well allow us to use the information in a favorable way.

It is about finding opportunities.